30 September 2022
‘The pound’s latest collapse is a symptom, but Britain’s decline has been going on for years’
i News

29 September 2022
‘Pound’s Swoon Echoes Declines in British Power, Past and Present’
The New York Times

18 September 2022
‘Europe under intense pressure’, Ian Goldin Opinion Piece
Los Angeles Times

8 September 2022
‘Shock Waves Hit the Global Economy, Posing Grave Risk to Europe’
The New York Times

10 August 2022
‘Aging of the population. There are more retirees in the world than children under the age of 5’
Lanka Times

8 August 2022
‘Demography is not destiny’
Financial Times

6 June 2022
‘The Issue of State Capitalism’
Satenaw News

21 May 2022
‘Economic reconstruction of Ukraine’ 
BBC Radio 4: Today Programme

21 April 2022
‘Norman Foster unveils plan for ‘rebirth’ of battle-scarred Kharkiv’
Building Design

‘Norman Foster “to assemble the best minds” to rebuild Ukrainian city of Kharkiv’
De Zeen

‘Norman Foster bids to lead rebuilding of war-torn Kharkiv’
Architects’ Journal

20 April 2022
‘Norman Foster releases manifesto outlining his vision for Kharkiv, Ukraine as a ‘city of the future”
Archinect News

17 April 2022
‘Ian Goldin Discusses His Optimistic Vision of a Post-Pandemic World’
Times Network, South Africa

11 April 2022
‘Is Globalisation Dead?’
Carole Walker, Times Radio

13 March 2022
‘Prisoners of Geography’ (pdf with permission from City Press – 13 March 2022)
City Press

1 March 2022
‘Devex Invested: How Russia’s war on Ukraine will hurt emerging markets’

25 February 2022
‘Putin’s War in Ukraine Displaces Climate as Top Concern, Drives Oil Prices to 8-Year High’
The Energy Mix

24 February 2022
‘Russian Conflict in Ukraine is Reshaping the Climate Debate’
Crypto News BTC

23 February 2022
‘Climate Fears on Back Burner as Fuel Costs Soar and Russia Crisis Deepens’
The New York Times

21 February 2022
‘What’s at Stake for the Global Economy as Conflict Looms in Ukraine’
The New York Times

‘What Is At Stake For The Global Economy If Russia Invades Ukraine?’
The Shepherd of the Hills Gazette

17 February 2022
‘The global economy emerging from the pandemic’
Ben Thompson, BBC World TV

18 January 2022
‘The Power of Collaboration: With the State of the World in the Hands of Big Business, Some Executives Think It Can Pay to Do Good’

17 January 2022
‘Demographic changes as China’s birth rate drops to record low’
Al Jazeera

13 January 2022
‘We have to live with restrictions for a long time’
Affarsvarlden (Swedish)

12 January 2022
‘Increased inequality paved the way for the pandemic’
Arbetsvärlden (Swedish)

11 January 2022
‘The way out of global crisis and into a better world’,
Skagen Funds New Year’s Conference 2022

7 January 2022
Getting ready for the 100-year life: Rethink Population
BBC Radio 4

3 January 2022
Is Demography Destiny?: Rethink Population
BBC Radio 4