November 2020

28 November
Basic income for all: Has the Covid crisis given us a new economic model?
Irish Times

27 November
Wie die Pandemie die Globalisierung verändert – Film von Hannes Vogel (6:20)
ZDF, Germany

18 November
Have we reached peak London?
New Statesman

12 November 2020
New Growth Opportunities to Lead Recovery of Travel, Says Oxford University’s Ian Goldin
GTP Headlines

100 mapas que te harán ver el mundo de otra forma

October 2020

27 October 2020
From 19th-century long-haul travel times to the global spread of McDonald’s and Netflix: The fascinating maps that will change how you see the world
Daily Mail

21 October 2020
Global Capitalism and the ‘Lost Generation’
Moral Maze, BBC Radio 4

September 2020

29 September 2020
Dispatching problem of poverty has made world a much better place
China Daily

17 September 2020
Reorienting global resilience
Financial Express, Bangladesh

10 September 2020
The Vaccine Alliance, Has Received Almost $10 Billion To Enable It To Provide COVID-19 Vaccines To 92 Low- And Middle-Income Countries
Nepal 24 Hours

9 September 2020
The Butterfly Defect of the Global Economy
The Agenda with Steve Paikin, TVO50

8 September 2020
Ian Goldin says more (PDF)
Project Syndicate

5 September 2020
Mid-morning with Dave Webster (2.12-2.32)
BBC Radio Cambridgeshire

4 September 2020
The pandemic will not kill cities, but rather make them stronger. But public health requires the transformation of society, Poland

3 September 2020
Now, the Covid City
Orissa Post, India

2 September 2020
Rethinking Global Resilience (PDF)
Finance and Development IMF

The Pandemic is straining Economic and Social fault lines: the only remedy is international Cooperation
Sarajevo Times

Stress micromobility in post-COVID-19 city
Shanghai Daily

1 September 2020
Globalization is not slowing down, but will be increasingly virtual
Squawk Box Europe, CNBC

Exchange Exemplar: Dark Ages Lead To Renaissance… Again?
The Jefferson Exchange, Jefferson Public Radio

Healing the Fractures of the Global Economy

August 2020

31 August 2020
The COVID City
Project Syndicate

27 August 2020
‘Made in China’ cannot easily be replaced
China Daily

26 August 2020
Covid-19 proves globalisation is not dead
Financial Times

July 2020

8- 25 July 2020
The Pandemic that changed the world, The Compass, BBC Radio
1. Reasons
2. Remedies
3. Rethinking

17 July 2020
Interview Finance

13 July 2020
Covid-19 a reminder of the danger of ignoring systematic risks
Investment Magazine

7 July 2020
The Dangerous Race for the Covid Vaccine

June 2020

30 June 2020
Globalisation; with Marshall Auerback and Ian Goldin
Munk Debates

Munk Debates — Ian Goldin: Don’t throw globalization out with the bathwater
National Post

A rise in nationalism could lead to an even deadlier pandemic, professor warns

Pandemic scholar warns of ‘downward spiral’ of outbreaks if governments don’t promote global cooperation
Washington Post

17 June 2020
What’s Next: How Covid-19 Changes Work, Play and Politics
Recovery Summit

2 June 2020
Covid-19: business must get ready for the new abnormal
LSE Business Review

May 2020

30 May 2020
Post-COVID-19 world: We need to come together to rebuild lives
Gulf News

Canada’s popularity to rise as a migration destination post-Covid
Khaleej Times

29 May 2020
Three game-changing ideas for our post-pandemic world
Financial Times

27 May 2020
Dragon TV Interview
Shanghai Media Group

15 May 2020
Produktionen flytter ikke tilbage til Vesten
Weekendavisen, Denmark

14 May 2020
Challenge and Response
The Statesman, India

The impact of Covid-19 on globalisation
Yicai Global

13 May 2020
The Commonwealth’s Response to COVID-19

12 May 2020
COVID-19: Why We Must Reset Our Thinking

11 May 2020
TRT World UK

Ian Goldin speaks on Economy free-fall post COVID-19
India Revival Mission

7 May 2020
COVID-19: Why We Must Reset Our Thinking
Thinking the Unthinkable

3 May 2020
The Bigger Picture; Documentary on COVID-19 impact with Ian Goldin and Arundhati Roy
VPRO, Netherlands

1 May 2020
Where will Covid-19 lead us in five years?

April 2020

28 April
SAS-nedtur varsler alvorlige tider: Krisen har et særligt potentiale til at forandre luftfarten i verden for bestandig (PDF)
Politiken, Denmark

25 April 2020
Will global collaboration against COVID-19 succeed?
Al Jazeera

24 April 2020
Interview with former World Bank Vice President Goldin: We have no choice but to cooperate globally
Lifeweek China

22 April 2020
Pandemie koronaviru je hrůzostrašná, ale na svou příležitost čekají mnohem ničivější nemoci, říká oxfordský profesor
Deník N, Czech Republic

21 April 2020
Coronavirus is the biggest disaster for developing nations in our lifetime
The Guardian

17 April 2020
China’s battle against COVID-19: After the epidemic outbreak
China Global Television Network

14 April 2020
Re-thinking globalisation with Ian Goldin
Late Night Live, Australian Broadcasting Corporation

13 April 2020
Professor Ian Goldin: Globalization will not reverse but face changes
China Global Television Network

10 April 2020
The New Normal from 2:00
Don’t Shoot the Messenger with Rebecca Davies, Daily Maverick

8 April 2020
The world before this coronavirus and after cannot be the same
The Independent, UK

Fallout: The Global Economy
BBC Radio 4

Global trust will also take a long time to heal
Global Times, China

Viral inequality: Coronavirus might be an equalizer but society is not
This Matters, Toronto Star

China’s Battle with Covid-19

4 April 2020
COVID-19 pandemic won’t put end to globalization, says Oxford professor (in the original Chinese)
Xinhua Online

3 April 2020
COVID-19: ‘Pandemics are the spillovers of globalisation’
Down To Earth

2 April 2020
Remote working: here to stay?
LSE Business Review

How Globalization Came to the Brink of Collapse

Will coronavirus reverse globalisation?
BBC Business News

1 April 2020
How the coronavirus is reshaping Asia’s borders, business and trade
Nikkei Asian Review 

The World Before and after Covid-19 cannot be the same (MP3)
Drivetime, The Voice of the Cape

March 2020

30th March 2020
The world before this coronavirus and after cannot be the same
Eastern Mirror, Nagaland, India

Oxford professor praises role played by China (PDF)
China Daily

29th March 2020
Chybí Spolupráce (PDF)
Respekt, Czech Republic

28th March 2020
Let’s not forget the poor during the crisis
Khaleej Times

27th March 2020
Oxford-professor: ‘Alle trusler er blevet globaliseret– det er en fælles opgave at løse krisen’
Kristeligt Dagblad

Ian Goldin: ‘Mal gérée, la globalisation peut avoir de fâcheuses conséquences’
Le Temps

The world before this coronavirus and after cannot be the same
The Conversation

Viral Inequality by Ian Goldin and Robert Muggah 
Project Syndicate

Globalisierung lässt sich nicht einfach zurückdrehen
Süddeutsche Zeitung

21st March 2020
World underestimated pandemic, says economist who saw it coming

20th March 2020
Ian Goldin: ‘Het falen van de mondiale politiek is zorgwekkender dan de pandemie’
de Volkskrant

19th March 2020
As It Happens: Thursday Edition (9:20-16:30)
US NPR/ Canada CBC

Interview with Jon Snow
Channel 4 News

18th March 2020
Pandemics in the age of hyperconnectivity (On Acast here)
Financial Times Podcast Rachman Review

16th March 2020
Former Vice President of the World Bank: Market shocks are likely to be the beginning of the financial crisis!
Netease Finance

13th March 2020
Drive Time with Ian Collins

12th March 2020
Just How Bad Could a Coronavirus Recession Get?
New York Times

BBC HARDtalk (12 March 2020) Interview by Zeinab Badawi (Butterfly Defect)

9th March 2020
Half of northern Italy under quarantine to halt the coronavirus
World Business Report, BBC World Service

5th March 2020
A Global Outbreak Is Fueling the Backlash to Globalization
New York Times

3rd March 2020
Coronavirus shows how globalisation spreads contagion of all kinds
Financial Times

February 2020

27th February 2020
Trump Immigration Policy Threatening Economy, even White House Chief Alarmed
New York Independent

January 2020

26th January 2020
Is the Liberal International Order in terminal decline?
Future Tense on RN, ABC