8 October
“Rhyme and Rhythm in World Geopolitics”, Atlantic Council, Warsaw

6 October
“Artificial and Human Intelligence: From Gutenberg to Zuckerberg”, Less Artificial, More Human Conference, Capri, Italy

4 October
“The Future of Europe”, European Presidency Meeting, Como, Italy

30 September
“Technology, Inequality and the Future of Work”, UN Ministerial, Mexico City

23 September
“Inequality: What’s to be done?”, Sustainable Development Impact Summit, New York

4 September
“Globalisation, Transformation and Social Cohesion”, Trying Times, Berlin

13 August
“Future Generations”, Young Global Leaders, World Economic Forum, Oxford

4 August
“Is our Planet Full?”, Wilderness Festival, Oxfordshire

3 August
“State of the Nation”, Wilderness Festival, Oxfordshire
“RSA: Ideas to Fix the Future”, Wilderness Festival, Oxfordshire

25 July
“Future Relationships”, Foresight Conference, Singapore

24 July
“The Future Reimagined”, 8th International Risk Assessment and Horizon Scanning Symposium, Singapore

15 July
“Future of Transport”, Paris

25 June
“The Future of Trade, Logistics and Shipping” Maersk, Copenhagen

22 June
“2079: Imagining our Future”, Rockefeller Homecoming, Bellagio, Italy

21 June
“Climate Change: Impact and Solutions”, Rockefeller Solvable Summit, Bellagio, Italy

18 June
“After the Crash”, I.S.E.O Summer School, Iseo, Italy

17 June
“Future Societies, Future Economies”, 24 Hours Conference, Munich

12 June
“What next for the future of work and education?”, CogX Festival, London

10 June
“The Productivity Paradox: Why is Technology Not Leading to Growth?”, Montreal

5 June
“Technological and Social Change”, OECD Workshop, Oslo

28 May
“On Cities” Public Debates Keynote and Debate, Norman Foster Foundation ‘Workshop on Cities’, Madrid

27 May
“The Importance of Place”, Norman Foster Foundation ‘Workshop on Cities’, Madrid

23 May
“Innovation and Society”, Frankfurt

14 May
“The Age of Discovery: Technological Advancement and its Impact on the Future of Work”, Global Employer Forum, New York

9 May
“Our Golden Age: Then and Now”, Turin, Italy

30 April
“The Future: Rich and Poor. Countries and People”, Oxford Society for International Development, Oxford

4 April
“Clarity from Chaos: Making Sense of our Confusing Times”, FT Literary Festival, Oxford

2 April
“National Wealth: What is Missing, Why it Matters” with Cameron Hepburn and Kirk Hamilton, FT Literary Festival, Oxford

31 March
“Is Democracy and Freedom Threatened by Technology” Conversation with Martin Moore and Jamie Susskind, FT Literary Festival, Oxford

30 March
“On Humanity” Conversation with Martin Rees, FT Literary Festival, Oxford

28 March
“Welcome to the New New World”, Global Leaders in Law Forum, Como

23 March
“The Demographic Challenge for China”, China Development Forum, Beijing

18 March
“Enlightenment Now” Conversation with Steven Pinker, Sheldonian Theatre, Oxford

31 January
“Securing our Future”, Balmoral, Scotland

30 January
“What does the Future Look Like?”, Royal Society Edinburgh, Scotland
“Renaissance 2.0”, Royal Society Edinburgh, Scotland

25 January
“Better Business, Better World”, World Economic Forum, Davos

22, 24, 25 January
“The Big Picture on Globalisation”,  World Economic Forum, Davos

21 January
“Technology, Disruption and Development” DLD, Munich

18 January
“Chaos and Catastrophe”, Shrivenham

17 January
“Losing it: The Economics and Politics of Migration” Oxford Martin School, Oxford