26 November

‘Causes of labour market careers without further training’, Technequality, Discussant for Horizon 2020 Scientific Conference

24 November

Globalisation or Deglobalisation, University of Edinburgh Economics Society

23 November

The future of cities, offices and work, Norman Foster Foundation

Disruption: The coming transformation of economies, societies and politics, Future of Banking Conference

18 November

COP26: Aspirations and implications, Orange Live, Amsterdam

17 November

The gender implications of the pandemic, Women of the Future: The Summit

10 November

Global economic prospects, World Economic Forum Strategy Meeting

10 November

Cogs and Monsters, Discussion with Diane Coyle, Oxford Martin School

5 November

Capitalism and Society: Lessons from the pandemic, Center for Capitalism and Society, New York

4 November

Technology, the future and you, World Economic Forum, Geneva

4 November

Economic policies to a zero carbon economy, Bretton Woods Committee, Glasgow

3 November

Priorities for global government and business leaders, G1 Global Conference, Tokyo

3 November

Beyond Slogans – Holding business accountable, Simprints

3 November

Stopping global crises, St Margaret’s Institute, Oxford

31 October
Rescue: From Global Crisis to a Better World, Oxford Literary Festival

29 October
Rescue: From Global Crisis to a Better World, U3A

29 October
Rescue: From Global Crisis to a Better World, MacGill Summer School

20 October
Mayor Marvin Rees State of the Nation conference on: The future of cities, Bristol Ideas Festival

20 October
Getting Lost: from a global crisis to a better world, Inclusive Growth Conference, Centre for Progressive Policy

8 October
Economic and social sustainability, GESDA, Geneva

7 October
Enterprise for Society, E4S, Geneva

6 October
Deglobalisation? Swiss Economic Institute

1 October
Fit for Future Institutions, European University, Florence

14 September
Rescue: From Global Crisis to a Better World, Edinburgh

14 September
The Future of Work, CEO Summit, Oxford

15 September
From the Covid and Climate Crises to a New Green Deal for Development, SDGs Africa Summit 2021

3 September
Food Futures in a Changing Climate, Somerville College, Oxford

30 August
Is the Paradigm Shifting? INGSA Biennial Conference

14 August
Rescue: From Global Crisis to a Better World, Edinburgh Festival

12 July
The Future of Finance and Development, Treasurers Roundtable

8 July
The Future of Work, Kings X Conference

8 July
What the pandemic changed: Conversation with Trevor Manuel, GIBS Forum

29 June
From Global Crisis to a Better World, TED Talk

23 June
From Global Crisis to a Better World, Bristol Festival of Ideas

18 June
The World After Coronavirus, EAI Distinguished Public Lecture – National University of Singapore

15 June
Priorities for the G20, B20-G20 Italian Summit

14 June
Ian Goldin Meets Martin Rees – Discussion on Rescue, HowToAcademy

11 June
Reasons to be cheerful, Future of Law Conference

10 June
The Future of Cities, Norman Foster Foundation Conversation Series

8 June
Social Contracts for the 21st Century, Grand Challenge on Inequality and Exclusion, New York University

3 June
Innovation and innovative finance to accelerate the transition to net zero, BIS-IMF-Banque de France Green Swan Conference

4 June
Conversation with Gary Younge on Removing Statues, Hay Festival

27 May
Amol Rajan with Jude Browne, Ian Goldin an Elif Shafak: Rethink, Hay Festival

26 May
Rescue: From Global Crisis to a better world, LSE Public Lectures and Events (Apple Podcasts)

26 May
Covid-19: From Global Crisis to a Better World, DLD Sync

24 May
The implications of Covid-19 for the global economy, business and investment, NOIC

19 May
Book Launch: Ian Goldin: “Rescue: From Global Crisis to a Better World”, Oxford Martin School

17 May
May 5×15 with Ian Goldin, Giles Fraser, Mona Eltahawy and more, 5×15

4 May
Globalisation and the impact of Covid-19, HST

29 April
IMF Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva & Ian Goldin in conversation: “Roadmap to the Sustainable Development Goals”, Oxford Martin School

28 April
Economic Strategies for the Future, California New Economy Summit

28 April
Governance of the Information Environment, Nobel Prize Summit

27 April
Managing Systemic Risk, Lloyd’s Futureset Masterclass on Systemic Risk

15 April
Rethinking the world of science, Fronteirs Policy Lab

8 April
Inequality and Exclusion, Pathfinders Meeting

7 April
Solving critical problems facing humanity, Seeker Series

1 April
Social and economic consequences of the pandemic, International Science Council

1 April
The Middle East, Global Trends and Risk, Jordanian Royal Seminar

24 March
Lessons from the pandemic, Dubai Global Summit

24 March
Global Economic Outlook Policies and Priorities, World Economic Forum

23 March
Tackling gender inequality in the care economy, Pathfinders UN SideEvent

23 March
The impact of Covid on professions, Legal services

20 March
The impact of Covid-19 on the global economy, politics and society, China Development Forum dialogue
Global digital governance, China Development Forum presentation

19 March
The future of trade, globalisation and China-US relations, Oxford Prospects and Global Development Seminars

9 March
Crisis and Opportunity, North-West University

2 March
Terra Incognita and Rescue, JBW

2 March
Globalisation and the impact of Covid-19, HS Talks

24 February
The future of globalisation, International Chamber of Shipping Webinar

23 February
The future of work and migration, CERC 2021 Conference

19 February
Productivity and pandemics, Ned Phelps Doctoral Seminar, Columbia University

7 February
Rescue: From Global Crisis to a Better World, (01.05 to 01.21), TedX

4 January
Munk Debate on Brexit