20 November
Is all for Good in the Digital Age?“, IMF Statistical Forum, Washington DC

19 November:
From Theory to Practice Accross Diverse Countries“, IMF Statistical Forum, Washington DC

17 November
“Divided Nations: Reforming Global Governance”, Model UN Meeting, Oxford

7 November
The Future of Equality“, (37:00) Lady English Lecture Panel, Oxford

30 October
“Migration and Refugees: Economic Impact, Social Consequences and Politics”, Metropolis Keynote Address, Sydney

26 October
“Climate Change as an agent of change and economic growth”, Aspen, Milan

25 October
“Trade and Development”, WTPO ITC Conference Keynote, Paris

22 October
“Mexico’s future in a changing world”, Mexico Economic Summit, Guadalajara

18 October
Development: A Very Short Introduction”, IF Oxford Science and Ideas Festival, Oxford

Renaissance 2.0: Navigating the Storms of Our Age of Discovery“, Keele World Affairs, Stoke-on-Trent

15 October
“The Future of Europe”, European Commission Joint Research Council, Ispra, Italy

4 October
“Cities for the Future”, MIT Media Lab Norman Foster Foundation Meeting, Boston

19 September
“Data and Privacy”, Annual Meeting of New Champions, Tianjin, China

18 September
“Inequality: More or Less, Good or Bad?”, Annual Meeting of New Champions, Tianjin, China

“The Reskilling Imperative”, Annual Meeting of New Champions, Tianjin, China

17 September
“Managing for Change”, Said Business School, Oxford

“The World in 2030”, Oxford Martin School, Oxford

15 September
“Too many or too few migrants”, The Economist 125 Anniversary Conference, London

14 September
“Unfit for Purpose: Regulation, Law and Technological Change”, Pennyhill Park, Bagshot

13 September
“Migration: Economic Impact, Social Realities and Politics”, GPS Launch, London

12 September
“Dynamic Cities, Decaying Towns – Why and What to Do?”, London

4 September
“Policy Options for Inclusive Growth”, Dialogue of Continents, Paris

1 September
“Our New Renaissance”, Festival della Mente, Sarzana

6 July
Getting Rid of Extreme Poverty“, Les Recontres Economiques, Aix-en-Provence

29 June
“Autonomous Vehicles and Clean Energy: Social and Economic Change”, LX Factory, Lisbon

28 June
“Development in an Age of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence”, Oxford University

25 June
“Technological and Economic Change”, YNOW, Germany

21 June
“Now for the Long Term: Meeting Tomorrow’s Challenges Today”, World Economic Forum Summit, Gstaad

20 June
“Our Times, Our Challenges”, W50 Summit, New York

13 June
“Sustainable Development”, Unleash Conference, Amsterdam

7 June
New Approaches to New Risks“, Risky Business, Kings Place London

22 May
“Economic, Technological and Political Change”, Organisation for Economic Co-operation, Paris

“The Productivity Paradox”, Organisation for Economic Co-operation, Paris

“The Coffees of the Secretary General”, Organisation for Economic Co-operation, Paris Brochure

9 May
“Gerald Walters Memorial Lecture – Renaissance 2.0: The Disruptive Changes Shaping Our World”, Bath University

8 May
Development“, Google Campus, London

5 May
“Lessons from the Italian Renaissance for Today’s Leaders”, Fondazione Feltrinelli, Milan

4 May
“Nuova età dell’oro”, Bocconi University Milan

2 May
“Innovation and Change”, Campobasso Festival

1 May
“Prospect for the World Economy”, Dubai

26 April
“The Digital Economy”, World Economic Forum, New York

19 April
“Introductory Keynote: Economics of Transformation in the Anthropocene”, Global Bioeconomy Summit, Berlin

18 April
“The Future of the USA”, W50 Summit, New York

17 April
“The Future of Work: Skilling Tomorrow’s Economy”, Commonwealth Business Forum, London

10 April
“Technological Disruption and Regional Economic Development”, Welsh Economic Development Conference, Newport

9 April
“Universal Basic Income and Jobs”, BBC Start to the Week with Andrew Marr

6 April
“Development in the Age of Artificial Intelligence”, IDDRI, Paris

3 April
“Technological Changes and their Impacts on the Socio-Economic and Legal Affairs”, Lisbon Law Forum

26 Mar
“Age of Discovery: The implications of our New Renaissance and its impact on Asia Pacific and Education”, APAIE 2018 Conference, Singapore

24 Mar
“China and the World in 2050”, China Development Forum, Beijing

20 Mar
“Development – A Very Short Introduction”, Oxford Literary Festival

20 Mar
“Globalisation: A Beast Without a Nation”, Oxford Literary Festival

17 Mar
“Are we Living in a Second Renaissance?”, Oxford Literary Festival

13 Mar
“Technological and Economic Change”, Legal Tech Summit, London

5 Mar
“Embracing Change – Skills for Leaders”, Saïd Business School

1 Mar
“Artificial Intelligence and Economic Disruption”, Demos, London

8 Feb
“South African Economic Challenges”, Institute for Advanced Studies, Stellenbosch

5 Feb
“African Futures”, Saïd Business School

1 Feb
“The Challenges Facing Britain”, Ashridge Civil Service, Oxford

29 Jan
“Europe and the World”, Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS), Brussels

29 Jan
“The Future of Europe”, European Commission, Brussels

29 Jan
“Meeting the new challenges for the EU : until 2030 and beyond”, European Commission, Brussels

14 Jan
“Global Megatrends: Implications for China and the World”, Tsinghua University, Beijing