15 October
Covid-19: The long term implications, U3A, Oxford University

14 October
Book Launch “Terra Incognita: 100 Maps to Survive the Next 100 Years”, Oxford Martin School

12 October
Central Banks: Meeting the Data and Analytic Needs of Our Times, Reinventing Bretton Woods Committee

10 October
What’s next for the global economy?, Cheltenham Literary Festival

8 October
The Butterfly Defect: Uncovering the potential and power of effective globalisation and corporate governance, Interfaith Centre on Corporate Responsibility Annual Conference

7 October
The Responsibilities of Shipping, Conversation with UN Deputy Secretary General Amina Mohammed, Global Maritime Forum

Terra Incognita, Frankfurt Book Fair

29 September
The Pandemic that Changed the World, STIAS Online Seminar

25 September
International Solidarity in the Face of the Economic Recession Caused by COVID-19, UN General Assembly Side Meeting

17 September
The impact of Covid-19 and implications for the global economy and media, Financial Times Executive Management Strategic Review

Covid19 and its impact on children and development, UNICEF Leading Minds Summit

15 September
Ian Goldin Pi conversation with Sophie Hackford on Terra Incognita (Transcript)

Globalisation and the impact of Covid-19, HSTalks

28 August
Presentation on Covid-19 and Impact on Latin America and Chile, with Conversation with Andres Velasco (Spanish subtitles), EmolTV

26 August
“Terra Incognita: 100 Maps to Survive the Next 100 Years”, Book launch, HowToAcademy

“Development, Security, and Global Challenges”, Strategic Approaches to Development, Wilton Park

25 August
“The Future of Work and The Just Energy Transition”, Pathfinders Challenge Ministerial Meeting
Research papers: 1. Technology and the Future of Work 2. The Just Energy Transition

29 July
“Building Back Better”, WEF YPO Strategy Meeting

26 July
“The Future of Globalisation, Presentation for The World After Coronavirus”, Pardee School of Global Studies

22 July
“The Future of Globalisation and Development: In Conversation with Ian Goldin”, Philanthropy Workshop

15 July
“Prof Joseph Stiglitz & Prof Ian Goldin in conversation: Policies for the post-COVID world”, Oxford Martin School

9 July
“The Energy Transition”, CLP Board Strategy

8 July
“The Next 50 Years: Investing in the Long Term”, Ministry of the Future, UAE

“The Challenge of the Future”, Festival of Higher Education

3 July
“Gloablisation and Covid-19”, Les Rencontres Économiques, Aix en Seine

30 June
“Covid-19 Proves that Globalization is Not a Failed Experiment”, Munk Debate

“Covid19 and the future of globalisation and multilateralism”, FinanceSummit, AIFC

23 June
“An Agenda for the UN at 75”, Pathfinders Meeting

18 June
“Are we heading for a bipolar or multilateral world?”, Dialogue of Civilisations

17 June
“What’s Next: How Covid-19 Changes Work, Play and Politics”, Recovery Summit

11 June
“Does Coronavirus mean the end of Globalisation?”, Cambridge Union

10 June
“The Future of Travel and Tourism”, ITIC Summit

4 June
“The Future of Fashion and Luxury Goods”, Hermès Afterworks

3 June
“Where is globalisation headed?”, Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce Webinar

“How Covid-18 Changes Everything”, Future of Everything Virtual Summit

2 June
“Coronavirus: Globalisation and global supply chains”, Chatham House Webinar

28 May
“The Future of Business”, The Economist Roundtable

26 May
“Green New Deal in a New World Context”, European Commission President Cabinet Meeting

18 May
“Implications of Covid-19 for Migration and Refugees”, European Commission Joint Research Centre

14 May
“European Energy, Supply Chains and Strategic Autonomy in a post Covid-19 world”, European Commission Joint Research Centre

13 May
“Covid-19 and the Future of Work”, European Commission Joint Research Centre

10 May
“Implications of Covid-19 for the UAE”, UAE Cabinet Strategy Meeting

7 May
“Implications of Covid-19 for development and the UK ODA Strategy”, DFID Exco Strategy Meeting

23 April
“The World After Corona – Globalisation, Risk and the Future”, How To Academy (MP3) (Transcript)

21 April
“The global economy under Covid-19 and China’s 14th Five Year Plan”, China Development Forum

“On crisis management and paradigm shifts – Will this pandemic derail globalisation?”, New Economy Forum, OECD and Bertelsmann Stiftung

“Beyond the Pandemic – The Role of Experts, Evidence, Politics and Media”, European Commission JRC Covid-19 Crisis Task Force

17 April
“Beyond the Pandemic – New Priorities and Policies for Europe”, European Commission JRC Covid-19 Crisis Task Force

16 April
“Covid-19 – Economic impact and required responses”, European Commission JRC Covid-19 Crisis Task Force

14 April
“Immediate Actions and Longer Term Consequences for CEOs of Covid19”, CEO Virtual Summit

30 March
“Domestic and International Actions for Covid-19 and to stop the next pandemic”, Centre for Policy Development Coronavirus Conference

29 March
“Prioritising responses to Covid-19”, Dubai Future Council Covid-19 Crisis Meeting

26 March
“Covid-19 – An agenda for action”, European Commission JRC Covid-19 Crisis Meeting

6 March
“The Future of UK International Development”, Wilton Park, UK

20 January
“The Future of Philanthropy”, Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, Monaco