8 April
Inequality and Exclusion, Pathfinders Meeting

7 April
Solving critical problems facing humanity, Seeker Series

1 April
Social and economic consequences of the pandemic, International Science Council

1 April
The Middle East, Global Trends and Risk, Jordanian Royal Seminar

24 March
Lessons from the pandemic, Dubai Global Summit

24 March
Global Economic Outlook Policies and Priorities, World Economic Forum

23 March
Tackling gender inequality in the care economy, Pathfinders UN SideEvent

23 March
The impact of Covid on professions, Legal services

20 March
The impact of Covid-19 on the global economy, politics and society, China Development Forum dialogue
Global digital governance, China Development Forum presentation

19 March
The future of trade, globalisation and China-US relations, Oxford Prospects and Global Development Seminars

9 March
Crisis and Opportunity, North-West University

2 March
Terra Incognita and Rescue, JBW

2 March
Globalisation and the impact of Covid-19, HS Talks

24 February
The future of globalisation, International Chamber of Shipping Webinar

23 February
The future of work and migration, CERC 2021 Conference

19 February
Productivity and pandemics, Ned Phelps Doctoral Seminar, Columbia University

7 February
Rescue: From Global Crisis to a Better World, (01.05 to 01.21), TedX

4 January
Munk Debate on Brexit