31 May 2022

Towards 2060 – The Future of Advanced and Emerging Markets, Oxford Martin School

Leadership in Times of Turmoil, YPO Forum, Said Business School

24 May 2022

Business Leadership in a Time of Crisis, Business Leadership Roundtable, Spain

20 May 2022

The New Global Order, Humboldt Communication Laboratory

16 May 2022

Globalisation or Deglobalisation? Stellenbosch Distinguished Lecture

15 May 2022

New Thinking for New Times, Oxford Strategic Leadership Programme, Oxford

12 May 2022

Inflation, Interest rates and Inequality, Mexico Investment Summit

6 May 2022

Global Economic Prospects, Economic Forum, Vienna

5 May 2022

The Future of Offices and Cities, City of London Lecture

28 April 2022

‘Immigration Imperatives‘, Observatório da Emigração, Lisbon

27 April 2022

Globalisation, the Rule of Law, and Environmental, Social and Governance Imperatives

25 April 2022

‘Key Conversation: Rescue: From Global Crisis to a Better World’, 6th Annual Global Electrification Forum, Edison Electric Institute

20 April 2022

‘Global risks and inequality’, Annual Conference of the Boao Forum for Asia

19 April 2022

‘Is Globalisation Dead?’, China Center for International Economic Exchanges

18 April 2022

‘The reconstruction of Ukraine’s cities, with Lord Foster to Mayor of Kharkiv’

3 April 2022

Rescue: From Global Crisis to a Better World, Oxford Literary Festival

Gambling on Development, Conversation with Stefan Dercon, Oxford Literary Festival

23 March 2022

Rescue: Implications for Africa, Exclusives Books, Cape Town

15 March 2022

Rescue: From Global Crisis to a Better World, Stellenbosch Institute for Advanced Study

17 February 2022

Technological, economic, demographic and climate change implications, Joe Stiglitz Task Force on Development

16 February 2022

‘Can We Rescue Humanity?’, MarketingKind xChange

10 February 2022

‘Development: Disasters, disruption and new dreams’, STIAS Seminar Series, South Africa