October 2021

18 October
Integrity in politics: Not too much to ask
The Sydney Morning Herald

11 October
Ian Goldin on Globalisation (in German)
Swiss Radio SRF

10 October
Breakfast Interview
Times Radio

September 2021

29 September
The optimistic vision of Ian Goldin: ‘Rescue: From Global Crisis to a Better World’
Afternoon Drive with John Maytham, CapeTalk Radio

16 September
Solidariteit tijdens pandemie is hartverwarmend
Financial Investigator

6 September
Covid-19 has made fighting inequality more critical than ever
Financial Times

August 2021

6 August
Former World Bank vice president warns against Australia’s rhetoric on China
China Daily

4 August
‘Critical challenges’ Ex-World Bank boss warns against fighting ‘cold war’ with China
Daily Express

2 August
‘Gold is not green’: New energy economy hopes floated at Diggers and Dealers
Brisbane Times

2 August
Dial it down on China says leading economist Ian Goldin
The Australian

2 August
Oxford professor Ian Goldin lays down optimistic vision of the future post-Covid
The Money Show, CapeTalk

2 August
Former World Bank CEO Ian Goldin warns China’s “saber rattle”
Sydney News Today

2 August
Prof. Ian Goldin says a cold war with China is the next global threat
ABC News

2 August
Former World Bank supremo Ian Goldin warns against China ‘sabre-rattling’

2 August
Diggers 2021 a celebration of Kalgoorlie and the mining industry

2 August
Australian sharemarket rockets to yet another fresh record high, boosted by massive M&A activity
The Australian

2 August
Miners delivered Cold War warning over attacks on China
Financial Review

2 August
How China tensions could be a boon for ASX gold shares
The Motley Fool

2 August
Gold losing its lustre as cryptos rise? Don’t bet on it, says globalisation expert
Diggers and Dealers Day 1: Miners’ moods high as decarbonisation on the agenda
Monsters of Rock: Chinese production cuts see iron ore dip as Gold Diggers thrive

July 2021

30 July
Warnings from History  (PDF)
Transform Magazine

17 July
From Pandemic Crisis to a Better South Africa
Mail and Guardian

11 July
BBC Weekend, featuring Ian Goldin
0600 to 0700 (from 26:34)
0700 to 0800
0800 to 0830
BBC World Service

3 July
How the pandemic could save us
World Commerce Review

June 2021

16 June
The future of globalisation
CNBC Squawk Box

11 June
Priorities for the G7
China Business Network (Yicai)

7 June
‘Business as usual’ will only bring us more pandemics, this Oxford economist says

May 2021

31 May
Interview with Daisy McAndrew (from 02:38:08)
Times Radio

31 May
COVID-19 has shown that following the same road will lead the world over a precipice
The Conversation (Also available in Spanish)

30 May
Druhá Renesance

20 May
COVID-19: how rising inequalities unfolded and why we cannot afford to ignore it
The Conversation (Reprinted in Conversation US,  Yahoo News,  GaviIPPO)

15 May
Interview with Hugo Rifkind (2:22-2:31)
Times Radio

8 May
Maps can help tell the story of our changing world
The Globe and Mail

6 May
‘Artists who are at their wits’ end can’t afford another glitzy policy announcement’: Basic Income for Artists Needs More Scrutiny
The Journal of Music

2 May
Weekend, with Julian Worricker (from 46:17)
BBC World Service

April 2021

21 April
Have the scientists failed Britain?
Tortoise Think in

2 April
Globalisation Risk and Resilience

March 2021

26 March
In Suez Canal, Stuck Ship Is a Warning About Excessive Globalization
The New York Times

13 March 2021
Jenny Kleeman and Luke Jones with Times Radio Breakfast (3:37:14)
Times Radio

8 March 2021
Our ‘soldiers’ are not only in the military – key workers face risks for us too
The Guardian

February 2021

20 February 2021
Profile on Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala interviews Prof Goldin
BBC Radio 4

11 February 2021
The zero-sum vaccine game: How a dose in the U.S. takes a dose away from a poorer country
The Washington Post

10 February 2021
How herd behaviour drives action on r/WallStreetBets
Financial Times 

4 February 2021
Simon Kuper: How to save the world from long Covid
The Financial Times Magazine

January 2021

8 January
Rethink Fairness: Generations
BBC Radio 4

5 January
Australian Broadcasting Corporation