Globalization and Building Resilience in Business Against Systemic Risk

Technological and economic growth have the potential to lead the 21st century to being the best period of human existence on the planet, but there are challenges. The scale of issues with which we are faced is unprecedented, and understanding their influence and impact is critical. The tidal wave of globalization has created a pace of change that has not been experienced in any previous century. Our challenge and opportunity is to embrace this rapid evolution while working to ensure that globalization is stable and progressive, without leading to systemic risk. Microsoft Chief Technology Officer, Barry Briggs, interviews Dr. Ian Goldin, Director, James Martin 21st Century School, University of Oxford who shares his view of this new world and the risks and rewards for businesses and individuals around the globe.

Humanity at the Crossroads

Dr Ian Goldin speaks at the Royal Institution.

What the Future Holds

Dr Ian Goldin presenting at Dalian in 2009

Navigating our global future

Ian Goldin speaking at TED 2009

21st Century Challenges: Humanity at the Crossroads

October 2008: ’21st Century Challenges: Humanity at the Crossroads’ by Dr Ian Goldin