Rethinking Global Governance | Ian Goldin | World Economic Forum 2015

Professor Ian Goldin, Director of the Oxford Martin School, tackles the question of the global commons. In this video for the World Economic Forum, he asks “how can we come together, often against our short term interests, to manage collective, longer term challenges?”


Other videos from IdeasLab, Davos, 2015

Public lecture at the Systemic Risk Centre, LSE: The Butterfly Defect

On 3 February, 2015, Professor Ian Goldin spoke about his book, The Butterfly Defect, for an audience at the LSE, addressing how global hyperconnectivity creates systemic risks and how this can be managed effectively. The event also saw him in conversation with Professor Danny Quah, Professor of Economics and International Development at LSE, chaired by Jean-Pierre Zigrand, Associate Professor of Finance at LSE and Director of the Systemic Risk Centre