A new strategy on development

OECD Global Forum on Development, March 2012.
The OECD is preparing a new Strategy on Development with the goal of enhancing its contribution to sustainable economic development worldwide, by leveraging on and sharing its knowledge base and policy networks and ensuring that the policies pursued by its Members are coherent with the goal of promoting development.

– Jon Lomøy, Director, OECD Development Co-operation Directorate
– Mario Pezzini, Director, OECD Development Centre

Introductory remarks: Rintaro Tamaki, OECD Deputy Secretary-General

– Ian Goldin, Director of Oxford Martin School, University of Oxford
– Nora Lustig, Professor, Tulane University and Non-resident fellow, Center for Global Development
– Marcio Pochmann, President, IPEA, Brazil

Can globalisation work for the poor?

Panel Discussion and book launch, hosted by the Oxford Martin School and IPPR (Institute for Public Policy Research).

Globalisation is bound in a complex relationship with poverty. Its forces are powerful and can act to either destroy or radically improve the economic position of areas in development. Despite this, the opportunities that the phenomenon presents for development are largely underexplored and underexploited.

Summary of Book: In Globalization for Development, Ian Goldin and Kenneth Reinert seek to demonstrate how this relationship takes form. Through setting out the evidence, it disentangles the way in which global flows of trade, finance, aid, migration, and ideas can contribute to economic development and recommends ways in which these dynamic forces can be used to promote shared growth and prosperity.