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Backlight Talks: Ian Goldin

In fifteen minutes our Director, Ian Goldin, busts some of the common myths about migration. It is clear, concise and an absolute must-watch if you want to be informed about this issue.

Exceptional People: How Migration Shaped Our World and Will Define Our Future

Professor Ian Goldin discusses the themes arising in his book ‘Exceptional People’ with IMI’s Hein de Haas. Ian’s book looks at the profound advantages that migration will have for countries and migrants the world over. He challenges the received wisdom that a dramatic growth in migration is undesirable, and proposes that new approaches for governance […]

From risk to opportunity – 2013 Ideas Lab at the World Economic Forum

‘From systemic risks to systemic opportunities’ was the focus of the University of Oxford IdeasLab at the World Economic Forum in Davos 2013. Academics from the Oxford Martin School debated five key ideas: How do we manage globalisation without succumbing to systemic risk?; how can 9-10 billion people be sustainably fed?; how do we develop […]

Divided Nations: Why global governance is failing and what we can do about it

The growing gap between global problems and solutions reflects a crisis in global governance. Professor Ian Goldin will present ideas from his latest book, Divided Nations: Why global governance is failing and what can be done about it? The discussion will focus on the financial crisis, the internet, pandemics, migration and climate change to highlight […]

Thought leaders on a world of change

Speaking from the World Economic Forum meeting in Davos, Professor Ian Goldin discusses the interdisciplinary work of the Oxford Martin School in driving global change and focuses on the need for sustainable investment in our long term future. This interview was conducted by Kaiser Partner.

Mind The Gap: Managing Globalisation

Globalisation has brought the world closer together, but which countries, if any, are directing this change in global politics? Speaking at a University of Warwick Distinguished Lecture, Professor Ian Goldin delivered his views on where the world could and should be 40 years from now and who is likely to take us there.

Vodafone Mobile for Good Summit

The mobile phone could be the renaissance device that helps us solve many of the problems of the future says Professor Ian Goldin, speaking at the Mobile for Good Summit, facilitated by Becky Anderson, CNN International. On the panel are Robert Madelin, John Micklethwait and Dr Mike Lynch.